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Help your grandchildren

In the spring of 2014, TIAA talked to grandparents and their grandchildren across the country...

We discovered that grandchildren not only want to talk to grandparents about money and savings, but also that they view their grandparents as positive role models when it comes to the importance and ability to save money.

We developed these resources to help you get the conversation started. Check out this graphic to see what’s on grandkids’ minds when it comes to saving for the future and how you can best help them.

1Survey of grandchildren and their grandparents performed by KRC Research on behalf of TIAA, April 2014.

2CollegeBoard Trends in College Pricing 2013

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State income tax deductions for 529 plan contributions

Some states offer additional tax benefits for 529 account contributions, including no state taxes on any account growth and possible state income tax deductions.

If you are a resident of CA, CT, GA, MI, MN, MS, OK, OR, or WI, select your state to learn more.

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